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Mom, You"re Incredible. Linda Weber купить в Христианский магазин КориснаКнига в Украине по цене 48 грн.. Вас ждут низкие цены на продукцию, акции, скидки, распродажи. Купить Mom, You"re Incredible. Linda Weber вы можете быстро и недорого.тел +380-50-3343964, +380-96-1399358


Mom, You're Incredible! is for every problem-solving, grocery-shopping, homework-helping, meal-cooking, laundry-cleaning, boo-boo-healing, letter-writing, wrinkle-ironing, gift-buying, shoe-tying, fight-breaking, carpooling, lifesaving-all-before-lunchtimeMOM!
JUST a mother? Hardly Being a mom is the most strategic, pivotal role in our society It's a calling... a responsibility... an honor. Moms have every reason to feel good about who they are and what they do. That's why this book is for you.
Although you may not make the cover of Good Housekeeping, to your kids, you're the queen of the world. Through all the thrills and spills, smiles and trials, motherhood can be the most fulfilling (and exhilarating) experience of your life. Yet like all moms, you have significant questions:
• Do well-adjusted kids just happen?
• Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?
• How can I really make a difference?
• What is nurturing, anyway?
• What is quality child care?
• What if I'm a working mom?
• What do I do when my world falls apart?
• What about my own personal fulfillment?
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